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In the past, we have given presentations to all ages in grades K-12. We cater our presentations to the specific needs of the school, so before presenting we discuss with the school what topics they feel are their main priority. After we discus the topic of choice (for example plastic pollution, intersectional environmentalism etc), we continue with how individuals can make tangible change and take action to help the issue.

In addition to presenting, we can meet with students to either form an environmental club at the school or help them grow their current one. We also do panels and meetings with parents & faculty at the school to answer questions, set up initiatives or anything else.


While individual changes are vital in the fight to mitigate climate change, we also believe that corporations have a responsibility to their consumers and society as a whole to take the necessary steps of becoming sustainable. It is due to this that we have been and aim to continue giving presentations and working with businesses on how they can move towards a more sustainable future. Such as transitioning away from non-renewable energy, plastic, etc and invest in long-term solutions such as renewable energy, reusable items, etc. 

We are flexible with regard to what type of presentation we give and how much/little you want to work with us. Our initiatives can either be education or action focussed, whatever suits the needs of your business best.  In the past, we have been given specific tasks, for example we helped businesses move to plastic free In the workplace. 

Sustainable business is the future. Don't get left behind. 

Presentations: Get Involved
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