Below are examples of previous initiatives completed by our fellows, members and founders.

Climate Change Banners


Led By: Lia Morrison

Lia chose to reinvent her school’s environmental club and continues to be an active voice for young people in her community. As president, the club has completed extensive research pertaining to the suppression of Indigenious Peoples, textile industry, and local food waste/insecurity. She has become an outgoing advocate for the climate crisis and hopes to continue her first annual, city-wide food drive for years to come! Learn more here!


Led By: Rhea Kareparambil

This magazine aims to promote acceptance within the school community, while raising awareness about environmental issues. Participants write, conduct interviews, create videos, make artwork, take photos, and utilize other mediums to convey their message. In the future, Rhea hopes to expand the club into an organization with magazine club chapters in various schools. She also hopes to promote action on environmental issues through hosting volunteering opportunities!


Led by: Solemei Scamaroni

Solemei started an environmental council in school that works to transform her academic community located in the heart of Houston’s energy corridor into a hub of sustainability. The council, comprised of elementary through high school students, works on collecting environmental data about her institution and advocating for environmental reform.

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Led by: Chloe Young & Georgia Scarr

ECI partnered with Climate Cardinals to help fulfill their mission of providing environmental education to all by making it more accessible to those who don't speak English. We gathered a group of high school students to translate Wikipedia pages on climate change into Spanish, French, Mandarin & German. 


Led By: Stephanie Muoka

Stephanie started a youth-led environmental team in her neighborhood for her initiative. Some projects the team has in mind are a trash cleanup in a forest reserve near the neighborhood and a holding a workshop for children in the community so that they might be more environmentally conscious!


Led by: Robbie Austin

This is initiative is meant to combat fast fashion through up cycling clothes and donating the profits. Clothes will be collected via thrift stores and a donation box, and will be sold in an in-school pop up. All of the proceeds will be donated to a Chicago based sustainability charity.

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Second hand
Organic Compost


Led by: ECI Board

We hosted a sustainable fashion auction via Instagram which raised over $200 in funds for ECI. The purpose was to educate people about the environmentally damaging effects of fast fashion, and to promote sustainable clothing in a fun, interactive way, whilst raising money for a great local cause.


Led By: Lucia Collins

Lucia's initiative is organizing a clothing exchange at her school to combat fast fashion. In this way, people can find new clothes and pass on ones that they no longer wear, and hopefully inspire them not to throw away old clothes and, when they do buy new ones, to choose secondhand.


Led by: Students of the British International School of Chicago

After witnessing the large amount of food waste at their school, members of ECI created a composting system to allow students to reduce their food waste, whilst educating them on the impacts of food wastage. This initiative involved over 40 individuals who assisted in running the composting system and that children put the correct items in the compost.

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Used Plastic Bottle on Beach


Led by: Chloe Young & Georgia Scarr

We have worked with several schools, organizations and individuals to provide interactive presentations that educate the participants on the causes and impacts of the environmental crises, as well as the role we all play in creating solutions. 

To see an example of our presentations, click here. 


Led by: BISC Student Sustainability Team

To actively reduce the impacts of fast fashion and the number of clothes going to landfill, ECI hosted a clothes swap where individuals exchanged their old clothes for clothes donated by others at the event.


Led by: Students of the British International School of Chicago

Members of ECI worked with the British International School of Chicago to ban plastic water bottles at the school, in order to reduce plastic waste and raise awareness of more sustainable solutions, such as Boxed Water and reusable water bottles.

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Led by Sophia Zheng

Sophia's initiative involved making virtual newsletters and pamphlets on the topic of environmental health. She sent these newsletters to residents in her neighborhood and nearby areas. The goal of her initiative is to provide actionable steps to mitigate the consequences of climate change, as well as to inform on how human health can be negatively affected by negative environmental change.