Co-Founder and Executive Director

Georgia is a freshman at Stanford University, majoring in Earth Systems. Georgia loves the outdoors and is a passionate problem solver. She is also a mentor for the Earth Prize, a member of the Stanford Outdoor Outreach program, plays for the Stanford rugby team, and is a Sustainability Representative at Stanford University. If Georgia isn't working to save the planet or doing school work, you will likely find her setting off on her next backpacking trip! 



Co-Founder and Executive Director

Chloe is a student at Duke University pursuing her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science & Policy. Chloe is known for her outgoing nature and leadership skills; she is definitely a people person. Outside of ECI, she is the Co-Policy Director at the IL Youth Climate Movement, Chairperson of the Nord Anglia Student Board, and has completed Environmental Sociology Research. In the future, she hopes to travel the world and live amongst different cultures, eventually pursuing a career in environmental law or sustainable business. Chloe enjoys playing tennis, trying new foods, listening to podcasts, and being outdoors.



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Co-Head of Americas Fellowship, Graduated Fellow ('22)

A 9th grader in Texas, Rhea hopes to combat social inequality in environmental issues. Though only in middle school, she believes that regardless of age, students should have the ability to be a leader and positively impact the world. Rhea has been a participant in school environmental clubs. Aside from ECI, Rhea sings, plays the guitar, cello, and piano. She is a passionate writer and teaches at the Write Your Story Project, uplifting student voices. In school, she started a social justice and environmental justice magazine, aiming to create a more accepting school community that is aware of the environmental issues occurring in the community.



Co-Head of Americas Fellowship, Graduated Fellow ('21)

Lia is a dedicated AP student who enjoys bringing educational opportunities to her peers. As her school’s environmental club president, she advocates for more sustainable practices and mental health awareness within her community. Lia is part of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports team at her school, encouraging a safe learning environment and social culture. In her spare time, she is an active member in National Honor Society, Letters for Destiny, and Sources of Strength. Lia has grown up studying piano and hopes to continue improving. She volunteers her time with the Special Olympics group and enjoys making connections with everyone.



Americas Fellowship Leader, Graduated Fellow ('22)

Zeeshan Shariff is a sophomore in NJ with an interest in helping stop Climate Change through grassroot means. He participated in ECI during the 2021-2022 season and is proud to now serve as a mentor for the upcoming 2022 - 2023 season. His ECI initiative is a community compost bin which is now expanding to include more houses and members in addition to setting up a new compost bin. He is also the president of the Colors4Change NJ Chapter, a non-profit organization.




Americas Fellowship Leader, Graduated Fellow ('20)

Devika Ramakrishna is an IB sophomore in Plano, TX. She has a strong passion for environmental issues, especially when it comes to helping people learn how to make sustainable changes. She is a leader in the environmental club in her area, and enjoys connecting with members of her community. Outside of environmental protection, she enjoys drumming, boxing, cooking, and hiking outside.

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Americas Fellowship Leader, Graduated Fellow ('21)

Maha is a high school senior from Edison, NJ. Her passion for the environment led her to be a part of the ECI fellowship program in 2021. She plans to pursue a career in healthcare while still participating in organizations and initiatives that are meant to promote equality, equity, and spread awareness. She is always looking for platforms that help her voice her opinions and work towards the greater good. In her free time, Maha loves to play her violin, tennis, and knit.

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Americas Fellowship Leader

Sanjana is a 17 year old senior in high school and is a strong advocate for social and climate justice. Aiding her passion for protecting the environment, Sanjana volunteers at The Morton Arboretum where she teaches kids about the importance of preserving nature and attempts to dig out weeds. In her future, Sanjana hopes to further her education to become a data scientist and combine that knowledge with her passion for intersectional environmentalism. She’s also an avid reader, spider-man enthusiast, and lover of all things pinterest.

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Americas Fellowship Leader, Graduated Fellow ('22)

Ayush is a junior in high school from Apex, North Carolina and in his 16 years has moved around quite a bit, ranging from Texas, California and even India. He channels his passion for the environment by being involved in the environmental club at school and conducting research projects related to the environment for professors at various universities such as Duke and Yale. Besides the environment, Ayush loves cars (mostly EVs!), cricket and tennis.



Asia Fellowship Leader

Aditya is an 8th grade student from India. He is passionate about studying physics, environmental science, and computer science. Outside of Action For World, some of his experiences include being Founder & President of Cosmox Blogs, Graphics Design Specialist at Tech Nuttiez, etc. Besides, he likes traveling to new places, exploring new things, skating, and cycling. Aditya looks forward to double major in Aerospace Engineering & Physics. To become Aerospace Engineer & a Theoretical Physicist in the future. He currently looks forward to learning more about cosmology and some foreign languages/cultures which interest him.

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Australasia Fellowship Leader

Minette  has just completed her first year at AUT in New Zealand, where she studies a Bachelor of Health Science, and is willing to give anything a go! Minette has a passion for photography, and design and is a part of The Local Globe as a photographer, and a Graphic designer for Equality Design. One day Minette plans on working in the medical field, and wants to be a part of ECI because she understands that climate change and other environmental issues are health concerns, especially for the most vulnerable

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Australasia Fellowship Leader

Tabitha is a Year 12 in high school, and is a passionate youth activist. Outside of ECI, some of her extra-curriculars include being an organiser of School Strike 4 Climate, being a volunteer and campaigner for The Greens, being on her schools’ Student Council and doing part-time work in a Federal Politicians’ office. In the future, she hopes to study some variation of political science and to travel the world, helping others to live ethically and sustainably. Eventually, Tabitha wants to pursue a career in Policy-Making or Youth Enfranchisement Advocacy. Tabitha enjoys going to the beach, volunteering, listening to classical music and helping young people to feel empowered.

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Australasia Fellowship Leader

17 year old Qezia is currently a year 12 high school student with a passion for youth voice and advocacy. Alongside being a member for her schools student council, Qezia is an organiser at School Strike 4 Climate as well as a volunteer and campaigner at The Greens SA. Qezia enjoys collaborating with other young people on issues that are important to them and most recently worked with other students to develop a statewide SRC program to further advocate for youth voices. Qezia hopes to continue to uplift youth perspectives while sharing the importance and intricacies of living an ethical and sustainable life as she believes that education is the first port of call when tackling climate change. In the future, she hopes to travel and learn more about the world young people are inheriting as well as getting her degree in creative writing and history. In her free time, Qezia loves to write, hang out with friends, and drink endless cups of tea with a good book.





Shlokah is 15 year old student from India who currently attends high school in the Chicago land area. Her passion for environmental issues was initially born from her interests in fashion. This led to her extreme fascination for the ways the environment intersects with other issues in society. She hopes to work in law following highschool and is extremely interested in social justice work; seen in the other organizations she participates in. Shlokah enjoys reading, playing the violin, and going to coffee shops with her friends during her free time. 



Sofia Brown, a senior at a Chicago high school, has always loved the outdoors, and recently started exploring her passion for the environment beyond the classroom. She loves the interdisciplinary nature of environmental studies— connecting environmental justice and ethics, or sustainable architecture and climate science. Sofia is the head of her high school’s Environmental Committee, and works to implement sustainable practices within her community. Beyond environmental activism, Sofia is an avid runner, painter, baker, hiker, and tea-drinker.



Giulianna is a 7th Grade student in Ohio. She finds passion in learning and informing those about environmental concerns. In school, she is part of the service club, where she participates in events to help the community. Giulianna runs her own Etsy shop, along with an instagram page, where she hand makes items to sell. It has always been an interest of hers to learn about the environment, and she enjoys designing content for ECI. She loves that she can learn something new, while doing what she loves, content creating! Outside of school and work, Giulianna is on a competitive dance, and has been doing dance for 10+ years! She loves to camp, hike, and make art!


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