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There are no geographical limitations, however, position roles vary depending on your region

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Fellowship Leaders are in charge of curriculum development, teaching lessons, and communicating with external speakers that are going to be featured in our fellowship. As a Fellowship Leader, you should stay up to date on current affairs and environmental facts so you can discuss them in the presentations, be a good communicator/writer, be able to confidently speak to audiences of up to 50 people via zoom, and have relatively good knowledge surrounding intersections of the environmental crises. Fellowship Leaders may also be Initiative Mentors. 

The average time commitment is 2-3 hours per week.


Initiative mentors will be partnered with fellows in order to assist them along the process of running their initiative. Your responsibilities will include checking in on your fellow weekly, organizing meetings to ensure progress is being made, communicating with the board to update them on the initiative and providing assistance where necessary to the fellow. Requirements for this position are that you must be organized and responsible, have experience in initiative planning and be a good communicator. 

The average time commitment is 2 hours a week during the initiative session of the fellowship (approximately 1/3 of the year).


Responsible for creating content (graphics, articles, videos, poems, short stories, etc) for our social medias and newsletter. In order to be a content creator, you should have a passion for writing and/or art, experience with your medium, effective communication skills and an interest in environmental education. The average time commitment is 1-2 hours per week.


As a communications/outreach member, you will be responsible for connecting and developing relationships with organizations & individuals around the globe, in order to expand ECI's impact. Tasks may include: finding contacts of interest, working with the board to develop partnerships, and increasing the scope of our fellowship. In order to be a communications/outreach member, you should be comfortable with drafting emails, public speaking and have an interest in developing global connections. The average time commitment is 30 minutes - 2 hours per week.

Questions about any of these positions? Contact us here!

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