Available for those in North, South & Central America
January - June 2022




'a fellow is a member of an academy/learned society or a group of learned subjects that works together in pursuing mutual knowledge or practice'

The ECI fellowship is an education and action based course for youth ages 12-18 in North, South or Central America. Fellows will have the opportunity to learn about intersectional environmentalism and leadership, putting what they learn into practice through their own independent initiative. 

Visit our FAQ page to learn more, or feel free to contact us with any additional questions. 


If you live in the Americas, and are between the ages of 12-18, you can apply using the button above or by clicking here! The ECI Fellowship Program will go beyond just the first session. ECI plans on expanding the program globally, and soon more dates will be offered. Below are the dates for the upcoming round of the fellowship.

The Americas 2021/2022 Fellowship:

1.5 hour weekly meetings from 6:00-7:30pm CST

January 24th - March 14th: Intersectional Environmental Education

March 21st - April 11th: Leadership training

April 18th - June 6th: Initiative planning and execution 

Don't live in North, South or Central America? Apply for the Asia and Austrasia fellowship, or, if you live in Europe or Africa, contact ECI to help bring the fellowship to you. 


Months 1-2: fellows will attend weekly, 1.5 hour sessions via zoom where we will be discussing an array of topics surrounding the key theme of environmentalism. Examples of topics include circular economies, inequalities within the climate crisis, and how to be a successful activist. These sessions will be led by our very own Board, in addition to outside speakers from other organizations and/or businesses; including many interactive activities, such as debates, discussions, workshops and more!

Month 3: focusses on leadership. These 1.5 hour weekly sessions will include personal workshops with world leaders, the basics of initiative planning, entrepreneurial skills, and how to engage others with your passions. This will create a strong foundation for our fellows, as they begin to brainstorm and plan their initiative. 

Month 4-5: students will run an initiative of their choosing using all of the skills they've learned in this fellowship, in addition to assistance from their own ECI mentor. More details about the independent initiative are in the FAQ page.  


  • Expanded knowledge of the environmental crisis & its implications 

  • Leadership skills that will carry on to the professional world

  • Establish a larger network through forming connections with our external speakers who work in a multitude of fields such as engineering, law and business

  • Satisfaction of knowing that your independent initiative has positively impacted your community

  • A boost to your resume (unique leadership experience)

  • A personalized letter of recommendation from the Co-Founders of ECI