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Do you live in Europe or Africa, and want to further ECI's impact of intersectional environmental education and sustainable action? Join our fellowship team! 

The ECI Fellowship is expanding into Europe and Africa - the curriculum and logistics will be very similar to the the Americas Fellowship, with the exact start date and weekly times to be decided by the team. 

- Fellowship leader:

You will teach and deliver the fellowship sessions once a week (on a day decided by the team), as well as communicating with the fellows and guest speakers via zoom, email, and slack. You will also be able to alter the curriculum and make it more appropriate to your region. In addition, if you would like, you can be an initiative mentor. In this role, you will be partnered with fellows in order to assist them along the process of running their initiative. 

- Outreach & Communications Member:

You will work on marketing and outreach for the fellowship to get people to participate (this include talking to youth groups, sending emails, networking etcetera), as well as connecting and developing relationships with organizations & individuals across Europe and Africa

Europe and Africa Fellowship Team: About Us
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